Cinema of Commoning 2
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Editor’s Note: What to Expect from Cinema of Commoning 2
A communal dinner in the garden of the bi’bak office in Wedding (Credit: Marvin Girbig)

We’ve been here before.. In June 2022, we gathered at the former SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA space, in the Haus der Statistik in Berlin-Mitte, joined by film professionals and cinema enthusiasts from around the world. Together, we swapped ideas, watched films together, ate side by side and explored the boundless possibilities of cinema, sparking conversations that were as invigorating as they were inspiring. 

Since that memorable gathering, the Cinema of Commoning spirit has lived on, through screenings at partner cinemas around the world, and our own work here at our new building in Wedding. The enduring friendships forged during that inaugural symposium have allowed that essence of community and collaboration to continue to resonate.That same spirit can also be seen reflected in the digital archive which we retain here at the CoC blog.

For Cinema of Commoning 2, we are committed to building upon the legacy of that first edition. Once again, we invite you to our collaborative film program, collectively curated and screened in tandem with cinema initiatives spanning the globe. From Dar es Salaam to Tangier, from Prizren to Beirut and Baku, as well as here in Berlin, our collective program promises to open eyes and minds.  We also can’t wait to gather again for the second Cinema of Commoning symposium, which will take place in Berlin 5 – 7 July.

This year though, our vision extends even further, to meet those who cannot be with us in Berlin. An expanded editorial offer will unfold here on the Cinema of Commoning blog, where we will be sharing interviews, commissioned texts, essays, videos and podcasts over the coming months.

At the heart of our mission lies the Cinema of Commoning Manifesto, which encapsulates our shared values and aspirations:.

Community: Cinema is connection – a home away from home.

Exchange: Cinema is a place where new ideas are born and thrive. Let us learn from each other and grow together, embracing new ideas, and pooling our resources. 

Innovation: Cinema is young. Its boundaries are constantly shifting. We seek to champion those innovators and forward-thinkers shaping the future of cinema.

Archive: Cinema is memory, heritage, and history. Preserving our cinematic heritage is vital to protecting our future. 

Transnational: We embrace a truly global approach to cinema, challenging colonial legacies and criticism which privilege western, euro-centric perspectives and values.

Sustainable: We strive for an economically and environmentally sustainable future for cinema,which is no longer dependent on extraction and exploitation.

Access: Cinema is for everybody, and our digital channels aim to make it accessible to all.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us – whether in person or through the digital realm. Join our newsletter, share your thoughts, and connect with us on Instagram. Together, let’s reimagine the possibilities of cinema. 

Warm regards,

Eirini Fountedaki & Rachel Pronger
Editors, Cinema of Commoning Blog